STAKEDWALLET is a recent cryptocurrency wallet and from the look of things, it’s a very good and trusted wallet.

When you join The Stakedwallet, you earn free swiftlance tokens(SWL) which can be indirectly turned or exchanged into any crypto of your choice. This means, the staked wallet gives you free crypto when you complete offers.

Now, 100SWL=$1 and you can earn that within a second. Isn’t that interesting?

To Join stakedwallet, please click on the link below

One thought on “STAKEDWALLET

  1. Be aware of Staked Wallet! I deposited some Dogecoin to test the wallet and I cannot withdraw it. After hours and hours writing with support they told me I would get my coins back, this never happened. I checked my StakedWallet address on the Blockchain ->empty! The coins were moved 1 day after the deposit, all the 0,2% daily payment are only thin air and do not exist. A long time I believed this could be only a mistake and StakedWallet is a honest PoS Service, but sadly it is scam! Very good presented site with nearly honestly appearing service, scareful how good scam can be. Don’t deposit anything!


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